Whoare we?

CareerPath is an Enterprise SaaS recruitment and skills training platform. We work with employers, workforce agencies, schools and training programs to develop robust hyperlocal networks designed to help job seekers go from learning to doing.

Our mission is to fill the gap between education and the workforce, by developing innovative tools and services that educate, inform and enable career confidence.

Solutions Workforce

Helping workforce agencies leverage existing hyper-local networks of schools, training centers and employers, CareerPath brings it all together to deliver a comprehensive and customizable human capital training and recruitment system that is unrivaled.

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Solutions Industry

Recruitment solutions have not kept up with the times – especially for entry level talent who rely on job postings, temp agencies and job fairs to build connections with potential employers. The largest complaints heard from HR folks is that the students and younger workers they are hiring just don’t have the skills they need to be…

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Solutions Education

Creating pathways to employment is a daunting task for educators already overburdened with providing quality education to students.

CareerPath delivers a powerful student engagement toolset designed to lessen the burden of educators, improve communications to…

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CareerPath Tools


Where local talent meets local companies and local jobs. CareerPath Crossroads is a simple idea, whose time has come.

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Employer ForesightTM Dashboard

Coming this fall, the Foresight Dashboard has been designed to aid employers in understanding the local candidate marketplace, track readiness of prospective workers, and offer clarity on each of the positions you need to fill.

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Micro LMS

Focused on engagement and skill building, the CareerPath MicroLMS tool is an ideal solution designed to fill the gap between education and the workforce.

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